My Name is Nicole

Welcome to Comfyskin! 

While organizing my mother’s skincare cabinet, I replayed the same video by Michelle Phan as she thoroughly described her multi-step skin care routine. I quickly purchased the basic skincare products, but little did I know,  I was introducing myself , not only to the world of skincare, but Korean beauty. Along my journey I realized skincare is more than the products you apply to your skin, but how comfortable you feel in your own skin. My goal is to help you  along your skincare journey, in hopes that you will feel comfortable in your own skin, hence the name comfy skin:) 


What is Comfyskin?

Comfyskin is an outlet for others to ask questions, gain information, and discover new skincare products, ultimately helping you to become more comfortable within your own skin.

What does Comfyskin stand for?

Skincare has the ability to improve someone physically- through results- and mentally. As your skin clears you become more confident and more willing to show yourself to the world. Comfyskin aims to help others gain confidence through skincare by advocating for safe, trustworthy products that stand true to what they claim.

Can I ask questions? Where do I submit? 

Yes! You are able to contact me via email,  through my contact page. You are able to submit any skincare/blog related questions you would like answered or written about. The best way to take care of your skin is to gain knowledge and what better way than to ask questions.