Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin

       Many of us tend to avoid applying sunscreen due to the stinging sensations or sticky feeling we experience. Although this may be the case for most sunscreens, there are gems out there that blow all the other sunscreens out of the water;)  


       When outside you are exposed to both UVA and UVB rays. UVB rays can cause sunburn and play a role in skin cancer development, while UVA rays can result in tanning as well as sunburn.

How can I tell if my sunscreen protects me from these rays?

       Well, the broad spectrum label on your sunscreen indicates that your sunscreen has the ability to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB rays. When you are searching for a sunscreen, it is imperative you check for the broad spectrum label to ensure complete protection. Now, SPF tells you the amount of time the sunscreen can protect you from the UV radiation. It is important to look for a sunscreen with a higher SPF, but higher SPF does not mean more time in the sun! Sunscreen should be applied every 1-2 hours depending on the intensity of the sun.



Unfortunately, many synthetic sunscreens tend to cause irritation to the skin, especially if you have very sensitive skin. Synthetic sunscreens are thinner in texture and most commonly cause irritation. If you have very sensitive skin, do not worry! Mineral sunscreen has got your back. Mineral sunscreen consists of zinc oxide and titanium oxide, which are ingredients that cause little to no irritation. Unfortunately, Mineral sunscreen can leave a white cast on the skin and is a bit thicker in consistency than synthetic sunscreens. Surprisingly enough, the Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen has a thinner consistency, leaves no visible white cast, and is more than gentle enough for sensitive skin!   



After determining the type of sunscreen you are able to use, you should then determine the consistency that works best for you. Someone with dry skin should search for a more emollient sunscreen such as the Tizo Mineral Sunscreen, where someone with oily skin should look for a lightweight sunscreen like the Supergoop Mineral Sunscreen. Combination skin you say? I would go for a medium consistency such as a light cream or gel, like the Lagom Cellus Sun Gel.


       Sunscreen is an important factor in everyone’s life and should be applied every day. Through determining the best type and texture for your skin, this will allow you to apply sunscreen effectively and effortlessly.

Thank you again for reading and I hope this has helped you to begin feeling comfortable in your own skin.