3 Effective Multifunctional Products

Multifunctional products can allow you to have the best of two products in one, while saving money! Now when I say multifunctional I am not  referring to the all-in-one conditioner, shampoo, and cleanser (not my favorite, let’s be honest), but a safe and effective product that seamlessly combines the effects of two products into one bottle. Sometimes it can be hard to know which multifunctional products to trust, but no worries, I will provide you with some of my favorite multifunctional products that I find are trustworthy and show results.   

Eco Your Skin Oil to Foam Cleanser ($34):

The Eco Your Skin Oil to Foam Cleanser is an extremely gentle cleanser that acts as both a foaming and oil based cleanser! Now, if you are not familiar with double cleansing, it is where you first cleanse your skin with an oil based cleanser to dissolve oil based impurities such as makeup. You then you apply a water based/foaming cleanser to relieve the skin of sebum and impurities deeper within. Double cleansing is an essential part of my skin care routine and ensures all impurities are gently rid of, leaving a clean canvas for my skincare products! Purchasing both an oil cleanser and a water based cleanser can become expensive over time, so finding this 2 in 1 product has really helped to narrow down my cleanser inventory;)  


I apply 1-2 pumps of this cleanser to my face and chest area, gently moving my fingers in small circles on my skin. This cleanser contains a blend of oils such as germanium and chamomile, which you can feel as you rub the product into your skin. Since I have dry skin it is super reassuring to be able to feel the moisturizing oils because many cleansers tend to dry out my skin. If you have oily skin, the idea of oil may sound scary, but this cleanser does not leave you with an oily residue at all; the cleanser washes right off and your skin feels refreshed and lightly hydrated! Even with oily skin it is important to avoid cleansers that are drying because they can actually cause an increase in oil production! Overall, this product not only saves money by serving as a 2 in 1, but it around lasts about 6-7 months!

Peach & Lily Lazy Day All-in-One Moisture Pads ($39):  

Now maybe it’s too obvious this product is an all-in-one considering its name, but many products that claim to be an all-in-one moisturizer, essence, toner etc. never seem to live up to what they claim, but this product is different. The set of 60 pads comes soaked in a blend of extracts and ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, which is perfect for hydrating deep within the skin, and butylene glycol, which is great for treating acne prone skin! I love to use these pads in the morning because they are complete time savers (which is essential considering how slow I am) and they leave my skin feeling velvety smooth as well as hydrated!

Although these pads can replace your skincare routine for the night, I do not recommend completely ditching your morning/nightly skincare routine and resorting to these pads 100%. After testing these pads out by using them in place of both my morning and night routine, my skin felt relatively hydrated, but I definitely needed to revert back to my regular skincare routine. Your skin has different needs everyday and although these pads definitely leave your skin moisturized, they won’t satisfy every need of your ever changing skin.


This product can be used on a lazy day when you are not feeling up to your skincare routine. You can take one pad and gently swipe it upwards on the face, neck, and chest area. You can for sure take this product with you on vacation, a business trip, or just use it after a long night out. You can even take a couple of the soaked pads and place them on to the trouble areas of your face, leave them there for 10-15 min, and boom, you have a face mask!

Be The Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Serum ($39)

Although this product is actually a serum, I always found its consistency allowed it to serve as so much more! This Nutrition Power Serum is a very light, gel like product that contains extracts such as royal jelly and licorice root, which deliver moisture and create radiant, glowing skin. I have been using this product for 4 years now and it is one of the top products I go to when my skin is feeling parched or I am going through an eczema breakout.


Take 2-3 pumps of this serum and pat gently into your face, neck, and chest area. I love using this product as a serum underneath my moisturizer, but it can also be used as a moisturizer for oily skin types, or as a hydrating under eye cream (similar in consistency to the belif aqua bomb eye cream).  

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this article helps you to feel more comfortable in your own skin:)