Favorites for the Month of September

Ah how is September over already? Although it may be over, I did happen to accumulate some favorite products for the month of September that I will share with you below!


Peach & Lily Glass Skin Refining Serum($39):


Although this serum has a super light consistency, do not be fooled! It delivers some intense hydration to the skin for sure. To be frank, I was skeptical of this serum during the first couple days of usage due to its super thin consistency; I was a bit nervous that it would not deliver the moisture that is essential for my skin, but I was very wrong. After about 2 weeks I found my hand naturally just reached for this serum (seriously, it was all I used).This product contains ingredients such as niacinamide, perfect for brightening, peptides, and hyaluronic acid. My favorite ingredient within this serum, hyaluronic acid, is present in short, long, and medium chain molecules, working to bring hydration to every level of the skin. This serum can be used under moisturizers, as an light eye cream, or as spot treatment to help brighten dark areas on the skin!

Miwaji Hyalu Serum Veil ($120):   


If you are looking for a sleeping mask like product that will provide your skin with a copious amount of hydration, than I would definitely consider investing in the Miwaji Hyalu Serum Veil. Formulated with hyaluronic acid, this serum acts almost quite literally like a veil that seals in products and delivers intense hydration. I found that when I apply the Easy Dew DW-EGF Ampoules underneath this serum I wake up with visibly glowing and radiant skin! When you apply this viscous serum you can actually feel the light veil like barrier forming over your skin. This serum can be applied on its own or over other products to seal them in as you sleep.

Easy Dew DW-EGF Derma Roller with Ampoules($93):


This disposable derma roller as well as the DW-EGF Ampoules have really changed the game not only for my skin, but within the beauty industry as well. Instead of having to worry about sanitizing a metal derma roller, you can now easily dispose of the roller head after usage. This ensures you are not introducing any harmful bacteria to your skin as you roll! Although the disposable factor of this product is great, the over all results of using the Ampoules in conjunction with the DW-EGF Derma Roller are extremely impressive. Since I have dry skin, many products that I apply at night are usually soaked up right away by the time I wake up in the morning, leaving me with slightly parched skin. The microneedle technology of this derma roller allowed the ampoule to sink into my skin more efficiently by creating small pathways in the, causing me to wake up with extremely hydrated, radiant skin! This is the first product I have used that has left my skin feeling as hydrated as it was before I went to bed, which really speaks volumes in regards to the effectiveness of this product.

Eco Your Skin Eye Essence($70):

Using thicker eye creams can sometimes result in small white dots around the eyes called milia. Although thick eye creams pacify my dry skin, I was definitely a bit sick of having to deal with the after effects. The Eco Your Skin Eyes Essence is more like a serum than an essence due to it gel like texture. After applying toner and essence, you can then use this eye essence underneath the eye area as well as on the eyelids and you will immediately feel a firming sensation. This product contains niacinamide, perfect for brightening, as well as glycerin and peptides, which help to repair the skin barrier and restore elasticity! Do not underestimate the power of this product due to the light consistency! It really is full of potent and effective ingredients that will help to restore collagen, elasticity, and radiance to the under eye area.  

TIP: I also love to put this essence on my lips underneath of vaseline or a lip mask. It really helps to plump and firm the lip area as well as deliver moisture perfect for this incoming cold weather.

Peach & Lily All-In-One Moisture Pads($39):  

I know I previously spoke about these moisture pads in my latest post regarding effective multifunctional products, but I had to feature them again for my September favorites. With a couple swipes of these moisture pads, you will receive the benefits of a toner, essence, and moisturizer all in one. These pads work great on vacations, long business trip, long car rides, or just after a late night out. When I am not in the mood to complete a full on skincare routine, I reach for these pads and swipe 1-2 across my face, neck, and chest area. This product leaves my skin with the proper amount of nutrients and moisture needed to prevent it from feeling parched when I wake up in the morning. I also love to use this product as my morning skincare routine when I am rushing out the door for school. I am notoriously late to many things, so instead of a full blown skin routine, I can always rely on these moisture pads to give me all the nutrients I need to “survive” throughout the day. These pads are soaked in a blend of extracts, oils, and hyaluronic acid- all effective ingredients that will help to replenish and bring moisture to the skin.

Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask($43):


Finally I wanted to feature the Peach & Lily Super Reboot Resurfacing Mask once again for the month of September. This mask contains 0.5% BHA and 10% AHA, both high percentages of chemical exfoliants, used to clear surface and pore level impurities from the skin. This mask is even gentle on the areas where my eczema breakouts are most common, despite the high percentage of BHA and AHA! I would say there is a slight tingling sensation when you first apply this mask that can seem a bit overbearing at first, but subsides after maximum 20 seconds. I have been lucky enough to have little to no pimples throughout my life, but this mask is so effective that it will honestly remove the deepest impurities within my skin. The ingredient BHA is notorious for removing oils from within the pores and ultimately restoring the pore lining, resulting less oil and visibly smaller pores.  

I know this list was pretty extensive, but I for sure found some amazing products during the month of September and I hope you guys are able to try some of these out!

Thank you so much again for reading and I hope this articles helps you to begin feeling more comfortable in your own skin.