Discovering K-Beauty Brands at IPSY



Discovering K-Beauty Brands…

Last weekend I was able to attend the IPSY Generation Beauty convention in New York City! I know Ipsy tends to lean towards the makeup side of the spectrum, but I am always able to discover some new skincare brands while I am there…and discover I did;) Take a look at some of the products I picked up from two K-beauty brands, Papa Recipe and Mutus!  



MUTUS Blue Cream & Ampoule

I was lucky enough to be able to pick up some products by the brand Mutus that were not yet released at the time! The brand was also displaying their Chlo Ampoule and Cream, which actually contains chlorophyll, but I decided to stick with the Blue Cream and Ampoule since their ingredients were more geared towards dry skin types. I was drawn towards the light consistency of both products as well as the beneficial ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, japonica extract, and the skin repairing ingredient glycerin.



Chlo Gauze Peeling Pad

As I mentioned previously, this brand also has a line of skincare containing chlorophyll, which is the molecule that gives plants their green pigment! The parsley extract within this product contains chlorophyll, which is full of antioxidants, helping to strengthen and plump the skin. The chlorophyll did interest me, but I was also drawn towards these exfoliation pads because they do not contain any harmful alcohols that many other exfoliation pads tend to contain. This product is also full of ingredients such as lactic acid, which is perfect for acne prone skin, glycerin to help repair the skin’s barrier, and tea tree oil, which also helps to reduce the appearance of acne! I love how portable these pads are as well as how many you get in one package!



Daily Harvest Mask Set

Not only did these masks seem full of beneficial antioxidants for the skin, but look how aesthetic they are! The ingredients essentially consist of the pictures you see on the front of the package, so, for example, the green mask pictured above contains broccoli, avocado, and celery extract! These are all wonderful sources of antioxidants, helping to strengthen your skin barrier and provide protection from harmful pollutants.



Bombee Honey Mask

The final product I picked up was from a brand called Papa Recipe! I decided to grab their Bombee Honey Mask in response to the cold weather that just arrived. Honestly, I always favor functionality and effectiveness over the aesthetic of a product, but lets be real these products are super cute… Anyways, I love how this product not only contains honey, which is perfect for my dry and parched skin, but it also contains castor oil, and even ginger root extract, which will work as an anti-inflammatory, decreasing the presence of redness on my skin.

I definitely discovered some more skin care brands during the two day convention that I will be sure to share with you guys soon! Thank you so much for reading and I hope this article helps you to being feeling more comfortable in your own skin:)