Two Step Scar Skin Care Routine


Scar Skin Care Routine…

From acne scars to stretch marks, it truly does take time to fade any kind of scarring. Recently I have been trying out two products, in conjunction with each other, in order to fade a few stretch marks I have on my legs. Ultimately, the results I have seen surprised me so much that I wanted to share the products I have been using, along with the order I have been using them, with you guys!



Meso Ampoule

Eco Your Skin

The first product I use is the Eco Your Skin Meso Ampoule, which has micro-needles, derived from marine components, within the serum. Using micro-needle products can help to fade scarring because they create microscopic passageways within the skin, which allow the following products you use to sink deeper within the layers of the skin as well as reduces the chances of product evaporation. The microscopic tears created by the micro-needles also cause your body to repair where those tears were made, ultimately promoting regrowth and repair of the scarred area.  


Scar Gel


The next product I use is the Derma-E Scar Gel! I had attended a beauty event back in September and discovered this gel, but knew I had to purchase it when I was flipping through the booklet of results the gel as produced on patients who were recovering from surgical procedures. The results were so amazing that I purchased right away.  

Since the Meso Ampoule created passageways, this scar gel was able to sink deeper within the layers of my skin, leading to more intensified results from the product. The ingredients within this scar gel consist of glycerin, which is an amazing skin-identical ingredient that helps to repair the skin barrier, and Onion Bulb Extract, which is used to reduce the appearance of scarring. This gel should be used 2-3 times a day over an 8 week period for newer scars, while on old scars it should be used over a 2-3 month period.


After using these two products for one month, I have seen a steady decrease in the visibility of my scars. I know this may be a bit TMI my friends, but prior to using these products my scarring presented itself in dark red lines. After using these two products in conjunction with each other, the redness began to fade to a light pink and even some of the scarring was not visible at all.


I am really satisfied with the results of these two products, but I want to mention how scar creams must be used on a regular basis, whether that be every night or morning, in order to receive the proper results. I know it is tempting to expect your cream to work instantly, but like all great things, it will take time;)

Do not be discouraged!

I believe using the ampoule along with the scar cream helped me to speed the fading process, so you can always use different products in conjunction with each other to receive the best results.

Thank you guys again for reading and I hope this article helps you to begin feeling more comfortable in your own skin:)