Small, Easy Gifts for the Holidays


Small, Easy Gifts for the Holidays…

Chanukah has already began and Christmas as well as Kwanzaa are approaching fast, but no matter the holiday, people are always wondering what presents they should give to other people? If you are in need of a small, quick, and lovable gift follow my guide down below to find your perfect present for the holidays!



Lip Sleeping Mask

Laneige $20

This is a perfect gift for almost anyone during this winter season! This lip mask will restore super chapped lips overnight with its BerryMix complex and hyaluronic acid. I love using this lip mask whenever my lips are in a pretty rough spot because I can always count on them to be super plump and hydrated by the morning.  

I also think this gift would work well for both men and women because who doesn’t want soft lips?! If you are concerned about color, not to worry, this lip mask comes in different colors such as yellow (vanilla), and green(green apple).


Little Book of Skin Care

Charlotte Cho $25

I know you may be wondering-  a book as a present? Well, although I personally would love to receive a book during the holidays, this one is a bit different. The Little Book of Skin Care by Charlotte Cho is an amazing quick read that breaks down the basics of skin care. I gained so much knowledge about how to perform a skin care routine, the importance of using skin care, and the importance of knowing what is in my products.


Aqua Jelly Lip Mask

Peach Slices $4

I could probably ramble on about this lip mask for hours, but I will keep this one short. Again this lip mask would be a perfect present for anyone (both men and women) and it is probably one of the most effective lip masks I have ever used. This lip mask is infused with shea butter, Japanese yuzu, and coconut to help moisturize and plump the lips. Unlike most lip masks, this one is not sitting in any essence because all the ingredients are, again, infused within the mask. Finally, this mask has an amazing ability to not slip off your face- I’m serious it is like a magnet!


Glossier Lip Gloss

Glossier $14

I just recently began trying out the famous Glossier lip gloss and I am loving it already! This lip gloss glides on so smoothly and leaves a beautiful, healthy looking shine on my lips. The formula is not overly sticky and leaves no residue behind. I also love the gorgeous packaging, which is something Glossier never fails to have.    


Citrus Honey Moisturizer

Peach Slices $30

Finally we have the Peach Slices Citrus Honey Moisturizer. Everyone will enjoy a hydrating moisturizer during this cold winter season! This product has a light, gel consistency, so it can also be used as a serum for those of you with dry skin! The honey extract and glycerin within this product will help to restore the skin barrier as well as moisturize the skin, while the orange and lemon peel oil will help to brighten!

Alright, well thank you all so much for reading and I hope this holiday season you can help someone to begin feeling more comfortable in their own skin:)