Applying Body Cream To Your Face?

       Recently my younger brother, who is subject to taking all my skin care advice, approached me with a question about his skin; he was concerned about the small break out he had recently gotten on his cheeks. I responded by asking if had been using any new products recently and I found out he had been using a new “in shower moisturizer”. 

Well, man, I had never even heard of one of those before.  

       Assuming there was no way he could have found out about an in shower facial moisturizer faster than I could have, I investigated. Not to my surprise he had been using an in shower body lotion on his skin and I knew this was the source of his breakouts.  

       A couple days after this incident, I witnessed a family member handing over her favorite “facial” lotion to her niece. Now don’t get me wrong, watching skincare methods pass themselves down from generation to generation is beautiful, but as she handed the thick hand lotion over, my internal skincare alarm went off (yes, this exists).

       Ok, everyone pause…there seems to be a common misconception here. Using body lotion on your face may seem like an easy fix for dry skin, but, in reality, it will only clog your pores and result in unexpected pimples or breakouts! The thick body lotion is used for the rougher and thicker areas of our skin, which need a thick consistency of lotion. Ultimately, the skin on your face is delicate and your pores can become easily clogged.

       No worries, I understand the hardships of having uncontrollably dry skin that can never seem to be tamed. This is why I have some hydrating products in mind for your dry, yet delicate skin!  


Top 3 Favorite Dry Skin Products:




       My top 3 favorite dry skin products are actually not all moisturizers. Toner tends to dry out the skin of many people, since they are commonly alcohol based. The Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Toner works extremely well for my dry skin due to its water based formula and its royal jelly ingredient, which leaves the skin looking plump and feeling nourished.



       Next up I have the  Be the Skin Botanical Nutrition Power Serum. Although this serum is extremely hydrating for my dry skin, the light consistency allows oily and combination skin types to use this product as well! This serum has been a cult favorite of mine for about 4 years and is still my go to today. Within this product, the skin-identical ingredient- glycerin - helps to improve the skin’s elasticity, resulting in visibly firm and plump skin.




       Finally, we have the Aromatica Rose Absolute Vital Cream  moisturizer. This cream has not only hydrated my dry, eczema prone skin, but has left it healthy and plump, causing me to fall further in love with this product. The high price point may be a turn off, but I truly believe this cream is worth the splurge. The first ingredient within this product is aloe, known for its works of magic on dry, parched, and sunburnt skin. If you are looking for a thick cream to rid of your flaky, dry patches- this is the cream for you. 



Once again, thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps you to feel more comfortable in your own skin.